Banana “Ice Cream”

Ice cream is definitely one of my favorite treats. I crave it all day long! If I could eat it for every meal, I would.

Unfortunately, eating ice cream everyday is not the healthiest choice and I’d rather not gain 100 pounds each year.

A few years ago, I kept coming across banana “ice cream” on my Pinterest. For a while, I just kept pinning it, but never actually thought I would try it myself. One day I was feeling adventurous and I thought i’d give it a shot! Since I always have bananas in my kitchen, it wasn’t a hassle. I only needed a few more things in order for me to make it. Below, I listed what I use to make my version of “banana ice cream.”

  • frozen ripe bananas
  • almond milk
  • peanut butter
  • magic bullet (or food processor or blender)
  • toppings to garnish the finished ice cream. (almonds, chocolate chips, melted peanut butter, etc.)

Now, lets get mixing!

I like to use very ripe bananas. I prefer ones with brown spots that look like this:

ripe bananas to freeze

I peel the banana and then cut them into one-inch slices. I put them in a plastic bag or container and then freeze them. Once the bananas are completely frozen, they are ready to be used for banana ice cream.

I use a Bella Rocket Blender to mix my bananas. It’s basically the same thing as a magic bullet, just a little less expensive. I got mine at Macy’s. It’s really easy to clean and store so its very college friendly. It comes with three different size blender jars.  My favorite jar is the one I can take with me on the go!

supplies for banana ice cream

The picture above includes all of the ingredients that I use to make my banana ice cream. Peanut butter, almond milk, and frozen bananas! Some people put vanilla extract in it to make it sweeter, but since I use the honey almond milk, I don’t think I need it.

Now it is time to fill your jar. When you fill the blending jar, there is no exact portions for each ingredient. I usually add only a little bit of milk at a time because too much will ruin the consistency. If you add too much milk it will become more like a milkshake. Now, fill your jar, attach it to the Bella machine, and then blend! Pulsing the blender makes it easiest. Don’t be afraid to add more milk if it seems like its not blending enough. Keep blending until you get all the banana chunks blended into a ice cream texture. The photo below shows you what it should look like.

mixed frozen bananas

Once you’ve blended your bananas, you can go ahead and place it in a separate dish. This time, I added cookie dough bites and melted peanut butter to the top. Some other toppings I use are chocolate chips, m&m’s, almonds, and sprinkles!

banana ice cream with toppings

Next step, Eat! The banana ice cream melts faster than regular ice cream so be aware! The hardest part of the whole process is cleaning the blender, but it is definitely worth it!



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