Tilapia & Risotto

Happy Thursday everyone! Tonight I decided to make tilapia, risotto, and asian vegetables. Tilapia is one of my favorite things to buy because it is so affordable no matter what store you go to. Sometimes I can buy it for $4.99 at Aldi! 

It all started with a box of risotto my mom sent me in the mail. She knows I love to cook (since she taught me) and i was in the mood for some rice and vegetables.



I was really happy my mom sent me this box because she makes risotto at home all the time. She doesn’t use the pre-seasoned boxes though. My mom is such a talented cook and she can make anything from scratch. Some day, I really hope I can be as good as her in the kitchen.

Back to dinner, I like to have each dinner consist with a protein but I wasn’t in the mood for chicken. I remembered I had the frozen tilapia so I took that out of the freezer to thaw around noon today. Each piece is individually packaged so it’s very convenient for one person.

This risotto was very easy to cook because it already had the seasoning in it. All I had to do was put the seasoning and risotto in a pot with 2 1/2 cups of water. The risotto takes about 30 minutes to cook so I started that first.

rissotto in pot

Below is the piece of tilapia I thawed out. I placed it in a pan after I sprayed the pan with cooking spray.

raw tilapia


Then, I put panko bread crumbs on the tilapia. Panko bread crumbs are the most versatile ingredient to have on hand at all times. I put it on a lot of my proteins with dinner!

tilapia with panko

The tilapia cooks for about 20 minutes in a 375 degree oven. Another plus about tilapia is that it cooks so fast!

Once the fish was in the oven, I took my asian blend vegetables out of the freezer from Giant Eagle. They were super affordable and I make a handful at a time. Technically, you can steam them in the bag in the microwave but, since I am only cooking for one I just cook as much as I need. Typically I buy Green Giant, but I wanted to give the Giant Eagle brand a try since it was a bit less expensive!




Below is the risotto once it is finished. It’s similar to rice but thicker with seasoning. It’s almost like a cheesy texture.


Once the fish is done, some of the panko bread crumbs will be brown. I like it that way because then they are extra crunchy. Below is a picture of my finished meal! I drizzled a miso ginger dressing from giant eagle over the top of the fish and vegetables. I went to the store on a good day because I got two dressing for one price! 

If you are new to cooking, making all three things at once can be tricky. I suggest making the rice and fish at the same time and then the vegetables last. The vegetables are the easiest to cook and you can keep the risotto covered once its finished cooking.